Our commitments

 Lacroix Signalisation

A civic-minded enterprise focused on performance and innovation

LACROIX Group constantly focuses on talent, team work, and manufacturing products combining performance, innovation, style and respect for the environment.

Developing human capital

LACROIX Signalisation is a human scale company that promotes employee integration, access to training and internal mobility.

LACROIX Signalisation supports the integration of its new employees in all its business areas. Tailored to the job, skills and responsibilities, integration is a key component of an employee's career path. Employees receive support as they become familiar with the corporate culture.
Successful employee integration helps them understand the importance of the job, the economic environment and working conditions. Employee integration is a constant focus for LACROIX Signalisation.

LACROIX Signalisation develops the skills of its teams through technical, business and behavioural training courses, in an environment enabling professional development for all. In order to initiate a common managerial culture, LACROIX Signalisation enables all its managers to follow a dedicated programme, spread over several months, designed to support department heads in the daily management of their teams.

LACROIX Signalisation encourages internal mobility in all its organizational movements, enabling its employees from different backgrounds to move into managerial positions (vertical mobility) or to change business area (horizontal mobility).

Reaching out to job seekers

LACROIX Signalisation has set up many partnerships aimed at encouraging the integration of young people and facilitating the return to work of long-term job seekers:

- The company organizes tours and internships for disabled people to introduce them to the work environment.
In partnership with a disabled outreach company, LACROIX Signalisation offers a career path as part of "enterprises open to all".
- The HR department works together with insertion organizations like FACE "Acting against exclusion foundation" , and E2C "2nd chance school foundation".
- With "Gateway to employment (Passerelle pour l’emploi)", LACROIX Signalisation is working on an integration process by setting up an introductory internship. In partnership with UI44, each year we organize a tour for a secondary school class to introduce them to the business world.
- Insertion commitments are also included in our bids for public contracts.

Encouraging well-being at work

LACROIX Signalisation supports a corporate culture where employees can thrive and be recognized for their work.

By making people key to the company's success, LACROIX Signalisation is committed to improving working conditions, preventing risks and complying with regulatory requirements.
The HSE programme (Health, Safety and Environment) promotes the safety, health and well-being of each employee.

- We are engaged in a continuous improvement process for the work environment, workstation ergonomics, modernization of the production facilities, improved soundproofing and ventilation (certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).
- 24% of the staff are trained as Workplace First Aiders and Fire Teams.
- A Occupational Health nurse is employed full-time at the Saint-Herblain site.
- 1 SECUROUTE pack is available in all company vehicles.
- Our operators have personalized work clothes for better protection and comfort.
- Each employee is trained at their workstation before working alone in order to minimize the risk of occupational accidents.

LACROIX Signalisation also applies collective social measures to promote well-being at work: Luncheon vouchers, health insurance, Works Committee, bonuses, profit-sharing, break rooms, etc..

With "Gateway to employment (Passerelle pour l’emploi)", LACROIX Signalisation is working on an integration process by setting up an introductory internship.

Corporate Social Responsibility

LACROIX Signalisation is committed to reducing its environmental footprint in relationship with the Research & Development, Quality, Safety, and Environment departments:

- At each of our sites, all waste is sorted for recycling.
- Each sign is heat-wrapped,with 100% recyclable packaging.
- Our catalogue is printed on PEFC paper.
- LACROIX Signalisation is a member of Ecofolio and financially supports local authorities for paper recycling.
- All our products are designed and manufactured in France, a guarantee of proven know-how. Our police traffic and directional signs and poles comply with CE and NF standards.