Our values

The force of a group, the flexibility of an SME, the strength of a team

Quality, agility, flexibility, customer focus, support, advice.

Our core concern is customer service, delivered every day by our dedicated employees. We are a team driven by the values of the LACROIX Group.

Discover our values.


Our values

LACROIX's basic rules:

- Respecting people and working together
- Encouraging team spirit and teamwork
- Taking responsibility
- Trusting
- Seeking efficiency and performance
- Telling the truth
- Being open to new ideas
- Satisfying customers


A Word from the Chairman

Dear employees,

Our group is evolving. Its size, internationalization, and different business areas require our basic rules to be respected. They are the foundation for our individual and collective behaviour.
Here is the charter of the Lacroix group which constitutes a good conduct code.

It is the base and springboard upon which we are developing. Basically, we are simply saying that for 65 years the group's directors and staff have constructed and created a community of men and women concerned with respect and performance. This is a capital we must preserve and amplify, also knowing how to evolve to enhance our values.

We are convinced that in addition to the values of honesty, integrity and fairness, respect is the basic concept upon which our actions should be based:
- Respect for people and their function
- Respect for the laws, especially those on competition
- Respect for the environment
- Respect for our partners, clients, suppliers and shareholders

We must be vigilant to uphold to these values, not as a constraint, but as the conditions for our harmonious balanced development, like energy for tomorrow.

Let us be particularly attentive to supporting these values on a daily basis. I thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely.

Yves Krotoff


The LACROIX team

The Lacroix team recognizes everyone's know-how and complementarity.
We share common goals and value everyone for their skills and responsibilities.
We stay informed of the constraints of others to guarantee efficiency and ensure cohesion.
The Lacroix team stays informed, is accountable for and acts on behalf of the whole group.


Everyone has a role in the team

Managers must set the example. They encourage their team to participate and progress. They help them fulfil their tasks by providing them with the information, supervision and support they need.
Everyone in the team shares in its successes and setbacks. Everyone accepts constructive criticism and is committed to a process of progress.
Everyone in the team is integrated and supported. Initiatives are encouraged and everyone can make mistakes.


The rules of the team

They are based on sincerity, discussions and listening.
By means of regular reviews, know-how, commitment and performance are recognized. The team is characterized by its professionalism and expertise.
Every employee should cultivate the team spirit. They should show themselves worthy of the trust given to them, and be able to take direction.


The team commitments

The team commits to its client. It directs, advises, informs and supports clients in order to give full satisfaction. The team agrees to respect the laws and regulations.
The team agrees to a process of continuous improvement by measuring its performance by means of its indicators. It makes proposals.
The team demonstrates ambition and pragmatism. It should be capable of self-criticism in order to advance to new successes. Each team is recognized as a contributor to the results.


The team prepares the future

The team seeks to create lasting links with its clients and suppliers by basing its relationships on the trust and honesty of the relations.
The team develops versatility.
It makes the human and material investments to ensure the development of its activity.
The team is concerned with the environmental consequences of its industrial and commercial choices.
The team contributes to the general effort to innovate and cultivates the spirit of conquest.