Lane assignment signals

Different designs

The lane assignment signals alert users in well defined situations; such as a danger, management of lanes and channels respectively in a link section and toll plaza, in order to inform users of open or closed channels and the means of payment which are affected.

  • Predefined signs
  • Optimization and control of movement
  • Automated

Product benefits

LACROIX Trafic - R21B flèche verte

The main symbols

- R21A : Red Saint Andrew's Cross
- R21B : Vertical downward pointing green arrow
- R21C - R21D : Arrow feeder (to the left or to the right) > amber
- Other symbols, other applications: ''TIS'' program, toll station logo...


> 300 mm, housing : 550 x 550 mm in aluminum or steel
> 450 mm, housing : 750 x 750 mm in aluminum or steel
> 900 mm, housing : 1100x1100mm in aluminum or steel