Police traffic signs


Signalisation de police

The LACROIX Signalisation police traffic sign range: innovation for road safety.

Lx3® is a complete range that answers all your police traffic sign needs. LACROIX offers you two separate ranges: Lx3 First® (open back) and Lx3® City (housed version).

Sturdy and safe

- Above all a road safety product, the Lx3® police traffic signs range has a monoblocdesign which makes it sturdy and safe.

- Triple edge non-aggressive and non-cutting surround for greater safety when handling.


- With harmonious curves and an intelligent design, Lx3® effectively displays the safety message. 

- The design of Lx3® won a Janus de l'Industrie award in 2008 and a Star from the Observeur Du Design in 2009.


With its patented innovative fixing system, Lx3®was designed to be easy and safe to install.


With its many customizing options, Lx3® fits into any type of environment. Your police traffic signs can now blend in with the other equipment already in place in your urban space.