Speeding prevention

Métis® 1000 radar speed sign

Métis® 1000 is the standard model of the LACROIX range of preventive radar systems and radar speed signs. It meets three essential objectives:
- reinforce awareness and encourage drivers to reduce their speed, 
- improve safety,
- measure and analyse the actual behaviour of road users.

More than a simple warning: a real educational tool!

  • Educational
  • Simple software
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Legibility

Product benefits

Metis : démarche pédagogique, affichage en temps réel de la vitesse pratiquée


- The Métis® 1000 radar displays vehicle speed in real time.
- The colour of the display changes depending on the vehicle's speed. For example, speeds within the limit are displayed in yellow, whereas speeds over the limit are displayed in red, to encourage drivers to slow down. 
- A symbol can also be displayed in addition to the speed.


- The Metis® software has been designed to enable you collect and use the data simply: 
- Fast, easy installation of the software on PC,
- Fast, intuitive configuration of the sign thanks to a simplified menu and direct simulation on the screen
- Automatic data analysis, reports can be exported in Word or HTML.

Radar pédagogique Metis : conception robuste et innovante, afficheur électronique protégé, mesure précise du radar


- Innovative, sturdy design: assembly by crimped aluminium-zinc sheet and triple edge surrounding aluminium profile. Design based on a sign certified CE/NF for road equipment.
- Electronic display protected by unbreakable transparent thermoformed polycarbonate sheet.
- The radar measurement is extremely accurate: the detection distance is optimum and displays speed in real time. It can also record traffic data in both directions, up to 400,000 readings.

Radar pédagogique Metis : affichage électronique de couleur, puissant et lisible


- High-power 3-digit electronic display 300 mm high.
- Standard 3-colour LED displays: yellow, orange and red.
- Variable depending on the driver's speed.

- The rim features black and yellow stripes identical to fixed radars, encouraging motorists to slow down.

Technical data

Métis® 1000 panel

Dimensions: 613 x 818 x 40 mm (standard)

Removable panel

Lacquered aluminium surrounding profile

Retro-reflective decoration Class 2.

Decorations : standard (yellow and black) or customized.

Weight: aluminium frame 4.50 kg + display with unit 7 kg (without battery).

Electronic display

Front: unbreakable, antireflective and anti-UV polycarbonate.

Display dimensions: 470 x 300 mm

3 digits 300 mm high with high-power LEDs

3 LED colours (yellow, orange, red)

Automatic brightness adjustment (photoelectric cell)

Colours configured according to the speed

Fixing rail on the back of the case.

Fastening system

Universal fixing with 2 strap and screw collars, for mast Ø90 at 180 mm, padlockable

Fixing with 2 clamps with dimensions suited to the mast diameter (Ø90 min, Ø114, Ø140 mm)


Electronic characteristics

Radar sensor (Doppler radar)

Transmission frequency: 24.125 GHz

Transmission power: 5 mW

Tested FCC and CE

Range of readings: from 3 to 255 km/h

Detection distance: car from 80 to 100 m, truck from 150 to 200 m

Memory capacity: 400,000 measurements

Power supply: 12 V

Operating temperature: -20 to 60°C 

Reading angle: approx. 120°

Métis® software     

Included: panel configuration software

As option: data analysis software

Windows OS versions: XP, Vista and 7


Bluetooth or USB flash drive

Power supply modes

Battery 12 V/18 Ah

Solar energy kit

On public lighting (SEP)

Mains 230 V




Supports and fixtures

Fixed supports

Radar pédagogique Metis_support fixe

Métis® support
Aluminium mast Ø114

Radar pédagogique Metis : mât à sécurité passive Mx3D

Mx3D support
Passive safety mast

Mobile supports

Radar pédagogique Métis : support mobile sur trepied

Mobile tripod, for your road safety campaigns.

Radar pédagogique Metis : chariot mobile

Mobile cart, for your worksites: practical and ergonomic, the wheelbarrow design makes it easy to transport using 2 telescopic arms,
• Height adjustment with sliding mast,
• Heavy duty steel chassis and mast, 
• Very long battery life with the 220 Ah battery (not supplied) to be installed in the box.



Universal fixing

Radar pédagogique Metis : fixation universelle

Métis® attaches to any type of support (by strap with simple screwdriver or socket spanner No 8) 
This multi-support fixture facilitates installation and mobility for display campaigns.

Video of Métis software