Temporary worksite signs

K5d Sentinelle® self-righting bollard

LACROIX Signalisation offers you simple and sturdy temporary safety solutions to mark out your worksites: K5d bollards: 
- K5d Sentinelle® self-righting bollard: complies with standards XP P98-582 and NF P98-583. 
- K5d weighted: makes a short-term permanent worksite safe. The K5d weighted bollard complies with standards XP P98-582 and NF P98-584.

  • Ergonomic
  • Economical
  • Self-righting
  • Stylish

Product benefits

Balise K5d de chantier : montage simple et sécurisé, implantation rapide et facile


- Simple and safe installation: fastens to road with integral M12 screw built into the bollard for fast installation.

- Patented.

- Two side handles for better gripping and handling to reduce back strain.

- Two further ensure worksite safety, the 2 bands of retro-reflective film CL2 or CL1 are protected from vehicle contact by the shape of the bollard itself.

Balise K5d de chantier : gain de temps pour le remplacement de la balise, système de fixation innovant et simplifié


- Time saving and fast bollard replacement.

- New innovative fixing system designed for fast tool-free installation and replacement of the bollard.

- Patented.

- Installs in a moment: twice as fast as conventional bollards, no locking key needed.

Balise K5d de chantier : propriétés élevées de mémoire de forme et grande résistante à la torsion et aux chocs


- Made of polyethylene, a material with outstanding shape memory and resistance to torsion and impacts, the self-righting bollard resumes its initial position after an impact.

- Tested according to standard NF 98-583.

Balise K5d de chantier : nouveau design, lignes modernes et épurées


- A new look.

- Sleek, contemporary lines.

- The cap is the same colour as the bollard.

Technical data


K5d Sentinelle® self-righting bollard: 735mm

K5d weighted bollard: 750 mm


190 mm.


Equipped with 2 retro-reflective collars Cl.1 or Cl.2.

Simple rapid set-up

New innovative fixing system: the screw M12 is built-in (Patented).

Simple rapid installation

2 times faster than traditional bollards. Bollard installed without special tools.

Each bollard is supplied with an M12 dowel pin 14 cm long.





A – Fixing with dowel pin

- Sealing with glue after drilling the road.

- Easy positioning of the bollard (no back strain)

- Bollard screwed and blocked without locking key

+ Fitting accessories: glue gun, blower, glue cartridges, locking key.

Balise K5d de chantier : fixation par douilleBalise K5d de chantier : pose

1 – Fixing with dowel pin – sealing with glue

2 –Easy, effortless installation

Bollard can be tightened and locked while standing up


B - Fixing by metal base in sleeve 

- Metal base 20 x 20 mm,

- Sleeve 20 x 20 mm.

Balise K5d de chantier : fixation par embase métallique

1- Metal base 20 x 20 mm screws onto the bollard.
2- Bollard assembly + base inserted into sleeve.

Demonstration video

Demonstration video