Portable traffic signs

Millénium+ worksite traffic lights

Choosing Millenium + means giving your worksites a reliable proven tool with even more safety! There are already more than 10,000 Millenium + traffic lights in service on worksites. The wheelbarrow design with telescopic mast facilitates the design of your work zones. The down-counter visible from a distance informs users of the waiting time remaining, and reduces the temptation to jump the red light (no recognized time unit). Millenium+: an optimum portable traffic sign solution for managing traffic at a worksite.

  • Intelligent
  • Reliable
  • Sturdy
  • Ergonomic
  • Safe

Product benefits

Feu de chantier Millenium + : un système intelligent composé de feux identiques et configurables (programmation automatique des feux par synchronisation)


The lights are all identical (no pilot light) and configurable (alternating, intersection with 3 or 4 branches). Configuring one light automatically programs the other lights by synchronisation.

Feu de chantier Millenium + fiable et durable face aux agressions urbaines et aux intempéries


The Millénium+ traffic lights are reliable and durable: they have been designed to withstand urban stress and weather. The down-counter unit is fully integrated in the head and protected from external stress. Its PCB is tropicalized (100% sealed). The battery is protected by an anti-deep discharge system and the LED lenses have a lifetime of 100,000 hours, i.e. more than 10 years.

Feu de chantier Millenium + en PEHD rotomoulé monobloc, chassis et mât en acier, roue anti crevaison pour une résistance optimale


The design of the Millénium+ lights gives it optimum robustness: rotationally moulded monoblock HDPE head and box, frame and mast in heavy-duty steel and solid soft puncture-proof wheel for optimum durability and comfort. 

Feu de chantier Millenium + : facilité de transport grâce à la brouette ergonomique


The wheelbarrow design of the Millénium+ lights makes it easy to transport using good posture: soft front wheel and transport arm. Only one person is required to load and unload the lights whose telescopic slide and stop end enable simple fast height adjustment.

Technical data

Operating mode

Alternating, intersection with 3 or 4 branches.


Ø 200 mm – centre distance 250 mm,

2 resin coated lenses with 81 LEDs,

1 central lens with count-down unit: double crown + LED figures – 9 to 1,

LED lifetime: 100,000 hours/10 years.

Data storage system

By rechargeable batteries (20 min autonomy).


Folded: H 1076 x L 1242 x W 500 mm

Unfolded: H 2671 x L 1242 x W 500 mm

Light head: 811 x 306 mm

Top depth: 200 mm 200 mm

Bottom depth: 180 mm

Battery compartment: H 260 x L 517 x W 377 mm


Locking system

Demonstration video