Temporary Worksite Signage

TVC® Variable Message Signs

Display messages about your worksites using TVC® variable message signs. This sturdy, portable sign is the ideal all-in-one solution for informing users about road construction work. Versatile and economical, TVC® is ready to use right away!

  • Turnkey solution
  • Visible
  • Economical and ecological
  • Versatile

Product benefits

Turnkey solution

The TVC® comes in a complete pack (sign, mounting kit, letter tiles) and is ready to use.


Using the letter tiles supplied, you can create countless custom messages! For greater visibility and to promote your identity, customize the upper band with your own colours.

Economical and ecological 

Reusable and durable, the TVC® sign is made of aluminium and the letter tiles are made from rot-proof PVC.


Select the type of support that suits you best: a portable stand or a fixed pole.

Technical data

Single-sided sign

7 lines, 14 letter tiles per line

Sign in aluminium with turned edges, thickness 2 mm with slide rails

Dimensions: 1210 x 1610 mm 

Front and back faces and slides lacquered in RAL 1003 Yellow (non-reflective)

Customizable header

Dimensions: 1210 x 400 mm

Black NR QM 901 background and QM 900 white letters in cut-out text

Optional logo or badge. Class 1 or Class 2 finish 
Other adhesive colours for backgrounds and decorations

TVC on Colorado stand

Stand in galvanized steel, optional: black lacquer

Dimensions: 1330 x 1690 mm

Dimensions of stand when folded: 1680 x 900 x 90 mm

Weight: 19 kg

Ballastable at any point: front, back, or sides

TVC for mounting on fixed poles

Sign comes with a kit composed of 2 rear mounting rails (unmounted) with inserts to be fastened to the sign (M8 screw + nut)

Note: You supply the stand and mounting hardware

Letter Tiles

212 single-sided letter tiles (142 letters, 40 digits, 30 blank), 1 pen and a message composition form

Tiles in rot-proof PVC, 3 mm thick

Dimensions: 85 x 150 mm, character height: 80 mm or 125 mm

Single sided, NR yellow background (RAL 1003), QM 901 NR black letters.

Optional: Class T1, Class T2 or Class T2 fluorescent film finish.
Other colours available for background and letters.
Word tiles: perfect for your recurring messages: ROADWORK, TRAFFIC, etc.





PACK 1 TVC on Colorado stand

For easy portability and quick set-up:
- 1 TVC sign lacquered RAL 1003 yellow
- 1 Colorado stand (with hardware), optional lacquering
- 1 case of 212 NR letter tiles

PACK 2 TVC for mounting on fixed pole

For a long-term worksite:

- 1 TVC sign lacquered RAL 1003 yellow

- 1 kit with 2 rear rails (not mounted), optional lacquering

- 1 case of 212 NR letter tiles