Traffic detection


The TM 150 SLT high technology radar uses the Doppler Fizeau principle at a frequency of 24, 125Ghz, combined with a powerful HCmos type processor.  With this very high frequency and extreme miniaturization, the TM 150 SLT radar achieves exceptional performance in a compact and waterproof housing.

  • Unaffected by weather conditions
  • Compact and discrete (180x100x70)
  • Maintenance free
  • Adjustments without opening the device
  • Delivered ready to be mounted
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Product benefits

The radar detects up to 150 meters
and proposes two items of information:

> Relay 1 takes into consideration a vehicle travelling above a selected speed (from 1 to 100 km/h).
> Relay 2 detects, in parallel, the passage of all vehicles with no notion of speed filtering.

Speed limits

Speed thresholds are configurable by commutation switch from 30 à 100 km/h.
The detection triggering parameter is adjustable, thus increasing the reliability of the product.

Ease of installation

The TM 150 SLT radar simply attaches to the top of traffic lights, road signs, lampposts… with a two axis fixing.
Accessibility for adjustments:
> access to the settings is achieved easily by a detachable waterproof window on the front (no screws to be removed) 
> status display is by high brightness LEDs