On road information for motorists: Guadeloupe Full Matrix

Work carried for:
Contracting Authority: RDG (Routes de Guadeloupe)
Project Manager: EGIS

Key dates
Work started: January 2012
Work completed: July 2013

The challenge

Numerous traffic jams
No or few alternative routes or roads are of inadequate size
No system for information is in place
No infrastructure and no field network
Public skepticism with regard to the effectiveness of the system to be implemented

The LACROIX City solution


Equipment/supply of material:

Variable Message Signs Gantries, mast arms and high masts Metering stations

-  5 warning and announcement variable message signs (Line Alpha + pictogram) with a pictogram which can be used as an alphanumeric zone.
- 3 Full Matrix VMS capable of displaying an image on the whole display area. This VMS can also be used as a standard VMS of 3 or 4 lines of 15 characters with a very large range of pictograms. 

- Cantilever structures (3 gantries, + 3 high masts + 1 pole + 1 mini pole)
- 4 Traffic Data Collection Stations
- 2 Prism Panels
- 1 Weather station

Construction of concrete base and installation of material on site

Drawing on the expertise of our subcontractors.


Drawing on the services of our Customer Service Department.

The benefits

A project completed on time for inauguration in August 2013.

Implementation of a turnkey traffic control system:

> LACROIX City Equipment + video + Automatic Incident Detection + Fiber optic land network + CSGT building + Crisis Room