Directional signs and worksite safety in Lambaréné, Gabon

Project carried out for the State of Gabon

Key dates

6 July 2013: official ceremony marking the centennial of the arrival of Dr Schweitzer in Gabon.

The challenge

In 1913, Doctor Albert Schweitzer moved to Lambaréné in Gabon. He built a bush hospital, known for the quality of its care and for its research on tropical diseases such as malaria. Doctor Schweitzer won the Nobel peace prize for this hospital, whose history and creator still mark the country.

In 2013, for the centennial of Dr Schweitzer's arrival in Gabon, the Gabon Head of State Ali Bongo organized an inauguration in his honour and decided to renew the city's signage for this event. He commissioned the ANGT (AgenceNationale des GrandsTravaux), manager of local and national public procurement and contracting authority, to organize the project. Thanks to a local partner, LACROIX City won the contract directly, enabling hand in hand cooperation with the ANGT on this major signage project.

The LACROIX solution

As a true safety professional above all, LACROIX City was able to satisfy the requirement in record time, for the supply and installation of signage, and for all the temporary signs and equipment during the project.

Supply and installation of directional signs

50 blade signs.

Temporary signage

In compliance with French standards and regulations in terms of temporary sign, LACROIX City supplied innovative and pioneering solutions in Africa:
- Millenium+ worksite traffic lights, a reliable and easy to transport solution for safe alternating circulation.
- Enduro®+ signs, made of sturdy stable steel, on stands (AK5, AK3, B21, etc.),
- Worksite cones.

Personal protective equipment

LACROIX City guarantees the safety of people on worksites, and for this project supplied the equipment required for the worksite personnel: helmets, goggles, gloves, etc.

The benefits

The project was a success thanks to the fruitful collaboration between the ANGT and LACROIX City Solutions. The work was completed on time, and created jobs for some 20 local workers.

Furthermore, no injuries occurred during the project, demonstrating our excellent worksite safety record. The client was impressed with the innovative temporary sign ranges and the know-how, expertise and quality of work of LACROIX City, and since then, we have obtained several other contracts directly. This heralds a bright future for LACROIX City in Gabon.