How to divert flows to prevent pileups?


An accident or a vehicle breakdown on one lane of a multi-lane road can quickly result in a further accident.



The challenge

  • Avoid any further accident and divert traffic
  • Signal an accident quickly and automatically
  • Protect staff responding to the accident
  • Divert traffic in order to avoid the trap effect

The LACROIX City solution


Signal the accident:

By setting up lane restriction signs in accordance with the legislation in force ; a minimum of 4 signs warning of the danger, a lane restriction and the distance before this restriction, a speed limitation, a set of remote controlled signs. 


Predefined signs


Divert traffic:

On the road by setting up automatic lane closure barriers, consisting of a minimum of 4 remote controlled barriers neutralizing either the fast or the slow lane.


Automatic lane closure barriers


Inform road users:

Ahead of the incident by setting up variable message signs (VMS) capable of displaying both text and symbols, indicating available diversion routes.


Variable message signs