How to manage dynamic lane control to cope with commuter traffic?


A commuter traffic system is recurring daily traffic in which the vehicles drive from point A to point B in the morning, and then point B to point A in the afternoon.



The challenge

  • The commuter traffic system creates traffic jams when it is carried out on a section of 3 lane road.
  • Relieve congestion on a section of road

The LACROIX City solution


Assign the central lane

Materialize the assignment of the middle lane by installing lane assignments signs as frequently as possible along the road, depending on the size of the section to be equipped.


Lane assignment signs


Install signs while taking advantage of existing superstructures

Installation of lane housing on existing structures and implementing specific structures according to the section (e.g. bridge, tunnel).


Gantries, cantilevers,
high poles structures


Reduce and divert the traffic inflow

If the traffic flow ahead of the section to be equipped is made up of several lanes, it is necessary to restrict the traffic to a single lane in the least used direction, to release the centre lane for the other direction.
> Establish a system of advance warning of automatic lane closure barriers.


Variable message signsAutomatic lane closure