How to design a roundabout?

The challenge

  • Ensure smooth traffic flow and turns.
  • Make turning safe day and night.
  • Install signs before and at the roundabout.
  • Integrate the roundabout into the urban landscape.

The LACROIX City solution

Designing a roundabout

It must be impossible to drive straight through and visible day and night.

  • Regulatory road marking to mark out the central island and the traffic lanes

  • Decorative paving on the roundabout and islands (bonded paving stones, gritted resin)

  • Install solar inset lights on the road



    Road marking
    Ecosol inset light


Install signage

Position and advance warning mandatory directional signs to indicate the presence of a roundabout.

For more information on French regulations on directional signs, and especially on the colour, level of retro-reflection, character height and sign dimensions, click on standards and regulations.

Set up floral installations

On the central island of the roundabout, flower installations make the traffic area more pleasant.