Variance® Stop Post

Poste de parada Variance® Lacroix City

With its beautiful lines and robust design, the Variance® stop post forms part of the complete bus stop equipment range for the most complete and simple configuration (bus shelter).



  • Tested in a wind tunnel (at the CSTB-Scientific and Technical Centre for Building), the VARIANCE® stop post is verified to withstand wind up to 182km/h (113mph)
  • High durability and resistance to external aggression: internal structure in galvanised steel with hidden screws 3mm PMMA timetable frame with waterproof seal (IP36 standard)


  • From the classic version to the fully equipped post: the VARIANCE® stop post offers a configuration adapted to the needs of your network, with a single-or double-sided timetable frame, solar LED lighting module and standing-seat

Contemporary Aesthetics:

  • Modern lines and dual-aspect window, the VARIANCE® stop post’s design gives your network a modern and elegant identity


  • Stop head in aluminium surround and sheeting
  • Overall dimensions: 410 × 610mm, thickness 43mm
  • Post in aluminium surround with internal steel reinforcement
  • Lacquer coating available from the LACROIX HR colour chart
  • Customisable design theme (single-or double-sided) via non-retro-reflective digital printing (Class 1), with anti-graffiti option
  • Resistance: structure calculated in compliance with regulation NV 65-09, Zone 3 that can be reinforced to Zone 5, exposed site taking into account extreme gusts, winds of 182km/h (113mph)
  • Mounting: steel connector board with four anchor points to be fixed into sunken concrete blocks

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.


Poste de parada Variance con opciones Lacroix City
  • Dual-aspect timetable frames in aluminium with aluminium surround. Timetable frame dimensions: 3 A4 landscape
  • Solar-powered lighting integrated into the stop head
  • Standing-seat