J5 SOLFLEX Island Marker

J5 SOLFLEX Island Marker

Auto-adjustable and extremely solid, the Solflex island marker bends during a shock, minimising the severity of road accidents. It then returns to its original position.

Solflex is the ideal solution for directing and communicating with drivers in complete safety.


Highly Resistant

  • The flexible base absorbs shocks: it bends out of shape without damaging the tarmac or structure of the sign


  • Easy to install, SOLFLEX reduces installation time
  • You only need to replace the sign on the existing base, at a low cost


  • The SOLFLEX marker ensures visibility both day and night, thanks to the two retro-reflective strips fixed to the sign. If the sign is damaged, a retro-reflective strip on the base will continue to provide an alert for danger


  • Sign in grey-anthracite recycled polycarbonate with anti-UV treatment, thickness 5mm
  • Sign face fitted with CIass-2 film
  • Base made from rubber
  • Two fixtures available:
    • Ground fixture or on a connector board
    • Flag wall fixture

Product compliant with French standards. For more information on our compliance with other national standards, contact us.

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