DALI Setbox

The LACROIX City Street Lighting Setbox DALI tool manages at any time on site the dimming scenario of a LACROIX City Street Lighting ITD-type electronic device (standalone integrated dimming, multi-stage).

The Setbox DALI, in conjunction with its “Setbox PC” software, can specifically create any dimming scenario up to 6-timing transitions per night, and read, modify or copy any dimming scenario on site. It also allows adjusting the priority power instruction, for dimming or power boost via presence detection and/or pilot wire.

The Setbox DALI accurately adjusts on site any power level, in order to optimize energy savings on street lighting installation and reload some parameters inherent to the device configuration and history.


Setbox DAL EN Sogexi

Fast and simple creation of any dimming scenario via the Easyset software.

• Up to 10 scenarios can be stored in the Setbox memory.
• Scenario transfer or priority dimming instruction to any LACROIX Sogexi ITD device.
• On-site reading, display and storage of any working ITD device scenario.
• On-site scenario “cut/paste” function.
• “Setpoint test” function for on-site adjustment and optimisation of the light output.
• Display of configuration alerts or inconsistencies.

Technical specifications

• ABS casing.
• Dimensions: 195 x 101 x 44mm.
Other characteristics
• Integrated batteries: 4 x 1.2V.
• Charge: with a specific charger.
• Connection to PC: via USB cable.
• Connection to ballast: via two-wire ITD cable.

• Installation and user guide to be downloaded from the Website.
• Hard drive space required: 28 MB.
• Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.