Works, events and specific weather conditions can all lead to changes in road traffic assignment.

For temporary changes, users need to be informed clearly, for their safety and that of operators working in the area concerned.

pVMx: mobile variable-message signs

Dynamic signalling helps optimise users’ perception of alerts and dangers, and increases the safety of workers and users in the areas concerned.

pVMx is a variable-message sign on a trailer. It incorporates all of the features of a LACROIX City VMx in a mobile and energy self-sufficient solution (solar panel).

With its trailer, quick install system and wireless 3G connection, the pVMx can be set up whenever and wherever you need it.

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Product benefits

  • Enhance traffic information during temporary events 
  • Improve the safety of work areas
  • Implement dynamic signalling whenever and wherever you need it 
  • Display signals and text on the same display 



Dedicated operating tool developed by LACROIX City engineers to easily manage your mobile PMV in real time. 


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