TRAFFY® is an intersection controller that uses traffic light signalling. The nerve centre of an intersection, the controller is the essential traffic regulation tool.

TRAFFY® : the traffic-light-regulated intersection controller

Contrôleur de feu de signalisation Traffy

Cabled and configured to measure based on your needs, TRAFFY® can regulate the simplest to the most complex intersections (from chauffeur-driven passenger vehicles to high-level-service buses).

Adaptable and scalable, it is able to meet all types of traffic management needs and optimise urban travel plans. All regulation functions are native in TRAFFY® (acyclical, chauffeur-driven passenger vehicles, DIASER, Boolean, Priority Management Module, data gathering, etc.) and make it a unique tool on the market.

Developed and manufactured in France, it is the most comprehensive traffic light controller on the market. With more than 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing controllers, LACROIX City’s Traffic Division offers you reliable and proven solutions that meet all current market standards and regulations.

Product Benefits:

  • Secure smart management
  • Adaptable and scalable
  • Complies with current standards and regulations



WINTRAFFY is an easy-to-use single tool for managing traffic light intersections controlled by the TRAFFY® controller.

It allows intersections to be programmed, from the most simple to the most complex, as well as archiving and analysing operating and traffic data.

No licence or knowledge of computer languages is required to use the software because it is accessible and easy to use.

TRAFFY® Cabinet


A wide range of aluminium cabinets – customisable to your town’s colours and designed and manufactured in France by LACROIX City’s Traffic Division – are available to easily incorporate your TRAFFY® controller.

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