Mx4 Passive Safety Support

Passive-Safety Solutions

An innovative solution from the signage division, Mx4 is the only passive safety support that is patented and certified for unparallelled and proven performance. Its unique design allows the range to adapt, depending on how the product breaks up on impact with a vehicle at different speeds.

At 50km/h, in urban environments,the Mx4 does not break, and catches the vehicle by absorbing a large amount of energy. At 100km/h, on interurban roads, the Mx4 deforms and collapses atthe moment of impact; the vehicle is not abruptly stopped by the obstacle.

Entirely designed and manufactured in France, the Mx4 has been awarded a label of excellence from the French Design Institute.


50 HE, High Energy Absoption

  • The only high-energy-absorption signage support in the world
  • In towns, at 50km/h, the support catches the vehicle
  • Passengers on shared pathways, as well as road users close to the impact (pedestrians, cyclists etc.), remain safe

100 NE, Road Safety

  • On roads, at 100km/h, the support deforms and collapses; the vehicle is not abruptly stopped by the obstacle
  • Minimises impactfor passengers in the vehicle
  • No need for safety rails to isolate the support: there is limited investment and, therefore, less riskfor drivers on two wheels at road exits

Optimised Solution

  • 360° passive safety: the support breaks up in the same way whatever the angle or height of the vehicle impact
  • 100% compatible: compatible with all types of structure, anchoring bolts and standard signboard fixtures
  • Simple replacement:the existing signboards and support can be reused
  • No maintenance:no annual checks necessary
  • Savings: on purchase, but also in terms of maintenance (very simple replacement; the anchoring bolts are reusable after a collision) and upkeep (verge cutting made much easier)


Performance classes 50HE3 and 100NE (Mh) and 100NE2 (MH)

  • Base support in heat-galvanised steel
  • 140 × 140 × 4mm, MF–height 2,380mm, weight 36kg
  • Base in aluminium Ø90 × 10mm, weight 7kg/ml
  • Connecting collar between the support and base in thermoformed ABS
  • Base collar in aluminium
  • Mounting SystemAnchors: 200 × 200, M22 bolts


  • CE Certified
  • NF EN 12767 – Passive Safety
  • NF EN 12899-1 – Mechanical Resistance
  • NF XP P 98-531 Certified – Dimensions of anchors and compatibility of the top section

Do not hesitate to download the PDF documentation (4 MB, 4 pages) of the Mx4 Passive Safety Support!

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