Intersection controller


TRAFFY® is a latest generation traffic light controller, designed and manufactured in France and marketed by LACROIX Traffic.

Modular and upgradeable, it can meet all types of traffic management needs and optimize urban transport plans. Control functions, from the simplest to the most complex, can be processed by TRAFFY and make it a unique tool on the market acylic, VTC DIASER, Boolean, Priority Management Module, data collection …)

  • Intelligent 
  • Innovative
  • Modular
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Product Benefits

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Compatible with all types of Central Traffic Control Stations and / or Remote Monitoring (DIASER, GERTRUDE, Criter, Siter, SURF…), TRAFFY® supports standardized or specific communication protocols via serial link RS232, GPRS/36, Ethernet TCP/IP.


Micro contrôleur


The TRAFFY controller uses very low power consumption CMS technology and integrates the constraints of sustainable development and reliability of electronic components. It has a microcontroller, a diode display on the front face and a « bus CAN » communication interface. 

Mise en fonction d'un contrôleur de carrefour


TRAFFY is a modular design intersection controller, which makes it possible to adapt its configuration, according to your needs, by the addition of racks (up to 2 more), traffic light boards and / or input / output boards.


Technical data


From 2 to 40 lines of traffic lights

From 15 to 79 standard inputs

From 3 to 67 standard outputs

2 Communication ports RS232 DIASER

3 USB ports

1 native Ethernet 10/100 port

Main « field managed » features

8 independent junctions or intersections

16 sets of « local time base » traffic lights

16 sets of « synchronized time base » traffic lights

16 sets of « structure »traffic lights

400 Boolean variables

65 integer variables

Many system variables automatically generated by the controller

Manual control on all maps and intersections

Arithmétique fonctions

Public transport vehicles functions)
          - DIASER
          - Boolean
          -« SPLIT » function

Integrated MGDP function

Acylic function

Specific data collection function

Counting function

Web server

DIASER inter-controller dialogue

Possible addition of specific functions