V2X & C-V2X Technologies


V2X stands for Vehicle to Everything. But what is everything ?

In this multifaced ecosystem, cars talk to other cars, to infrastructure such as traffic lights or parking spaces, to smartphone-toting pedestrians, and to datacenters via cellular networks.

The game-changing technology uses a short-range wireless signal to communicate with compatible systems, and this signal is resistant to interference and inclement weather.

Many car brands and models use some already a form of V2X technology, on expensive to lower-priced vehicles, such as : BMW, PSA, FordRenaultAudiCadillacVolkswagenToyota, Lexus, and many more …

V2X technology is particularly prominent in autonomous vehicles, which scans the immediate environment for risks and act upon their data. It gives a broader reach and more information to allow them to make the most informed decisions. V2X systems also transcend harsh weather conditions that often affect these vehicles, offering an added benefit.

V2X Benefits


road safety Enhance road safety

Road Side Equipment sends danger alerts to the vehicle in less than a second (eg. traffic jams, accidents, misinterpretation). Vehicles communicate directly with each other  and help to anticipate collisions.


autonomous vehicle Contribute to an easiest and fastest deployment of autonomous vehicle

The autonomous vehicle is nearsighted beyond 330ft and can not interpret dynamic signaling.
The road infrastructure broadcasts numerically & in real time, the state of signaling (traffic intersections, tolls, speed limits, road building alerts).


Reduce traffic Reduce traffic and pollution

Thanks to this connectivity technology, vehicles interacting with road infrastructure make it possible to automatically regulate speed on the roads.

Reducing speed, leads to a better circulation and a decrease of pollution.