Traffic detection


The detector works on the principle of video image processing.
This sensor can be supplied in several versions, either black and white or color with two types of focus possible in each case.
Its function is to reduce the waiting time of vehicles at traffic lights and to optimize traffic flow by detecting vehicle presence.

  • Non-intrusive
  • Video detection
  • Quick installation

Product benefits

Above Ground Sensors and Detection

• 24H/24H detection of vehicles which are stopped or in movement in their lane.
• Detection at the base of traffic lights and at the approach (Maximum detection distance of 70M)
• Field proven detection algorithms
• Day/night detection rate  >98%
• Accurate measurement of flow and occupancy rate
• Advanced filtering features  (shadows, headlight reflections, camera shake) 


• Operation 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
• High reliability, MTBF of 100,000 hours
• Stockage des configurations sur PC
• Recording and playback functions
• Low energy consumption, solar power possible
• Reduced maintenance

Further information

• Product configuration is managed very easily via a control center and its configuration tool
• The black and white sensor has 8 virtual detection loops and 4 free contacts
• The color sensor has 24 detection loops and up to 16 free contacts
• Each detection loop can be directional
• Detection can be confirmed in real time through the configuration software or visually at the MMI
• There is a logic function between loops  « and/or »  permitting the detection of queues or congestion
•  It is possible to know the vehicle flow with each virtual loop transformed into counting
• The color version of the sensor can supply  data  on up to four lanes of traffic  (care must be taken with the positioning of the sensor)
• It is possible to configure the sensor off line