Car park safety of Roland Garros-Gillot

Project carried out for Roland Garros-Gillot Airport, Réunion

Installation October 2009

The challenge

To deal with a record increase in the number of passengers (from 1.37 million in 2006 to 1.75 million passengers in 2009, a 28% increase), the Roland Garros-Gillot Airport decided to renovate its car parks for added safety.

Faded road marking, missing police traffic signs, non-existent regulatory information: the airport had to retrofit its passenger car parks to satisfy the requirements of the ISO standard renewed 2009, and maintain its customer satisfaction level.

The LACROIX City solution


Ensure user safety

by means of horizontal (road marking) and vertical (police traffic signs and bollards) road sign.

Installation of solar inset lights in front of speed bumps.

Marking of 110 parking places, stop bands, arrows and borders (road marking, paint).

Retrofitting disabled parking places: signs + road marking.

Installation of police traffic signs (AG3 range): stop, one-way, no parking and mandatory directional signs.

Installation of 100 J11 bollards


Set up information systems

Installation of 5 information panels designed specifically for this car park.

Set up cleanliness systems

Installation of 12 plastic litter bins including 2 “Vigipirate”.

The benefits

- Today users enjoy better safety in the airport car parks.
- Information about parking is clear: indication, direction of traffic, disabled places, etc.
- Higher customer satisfaction: 86% at start, 90% after the upgrade work.
- Increased passenger numbers: 1.75 million in 2009
- Better image and reputation for the airport which in 2009 became the 10th French airport and the 2nd overseas after Pointe-à-Pitre.

Data from the airport website & annual reports.