Local interest signs and marking, Cap Atlantique Urban Community

Project carried out for the Cap Atlantique Urban Community: VILLEJAMES business park

Award of contract 14/08/2012
Delivery 15/02/2013
End of installation early March 2013

The challenge

In order to help people find their way in the VILLEJAMES business park, the Cap Atlantique Urban Community decided to install Local Information Sign solutions throughout the park. As the VILLEJAMES business park is constantly growing, the challenge of this project was to propose a scalable solution, enabling clear identification of the different zones according to their field of activity (shops, automobile, office and industry).

The LACROIX City solution


A simple identification method and clear road signage 

While the different zones of a park are often identified according to their geographic position (north, south, east, west), the 4 existing zones here were designated by letters and colours (A - orange, B - green, C - purple and D – blue). This method of identification has the advantage of easy scalability according to new development projects, by adding a new letter and colour for a new zone.

Road signage assemblies (Etoile® single and twin masts, panels and street name plates) were installed throughout the park to help visitors find their way.

In order to provide coherent and scalable direction signage, the signs indicate street names rather than business names. 
Colour coding identifies the zone where each street is located. Signs indicate the directions of the nearest roads and sectors.

Efficient information relays at the main strategic points of the site

To help users find their way and understand the road signage, we installed service information relays (SIRs) at the 2 main entrances of the park. These information points provide visitors with essential information for finding their way inside the park. Each SIR has a first panel with a detailed map, showing each zone in colour, street names, companies (identified with numbers), geographic data (directions of main cities, compass), and a key. The second panel lists all the companies of the business park, with location information (their zone and number on the map).

EnFinally, Totems were installed at the entrance of the 4 zones to delimit the perimeter of the business park. These also allow visitors to find their way by showing the distance to the nearest SIR. 

All the road signage installed in the VILLEJAMES business park comes from the Etoile range. This provides coordinated styling to the entire site. This road signage range offers products with a contemporary design that are easy to modify and very sturdy.