To coordinate the intersections of a district or town: Dakar Control Center and Traffic Light

Work undertaken for: Dakar City Council – Senegal

Key dates
Need communicated in 2010
Notice of the market in 2011
Contract until 2012

The challenge

The city of Dakar comprises 25% of the national population and 80% of the country's economic activity which causes enormous road traffic difficulties

The Dakar traffic problem is a matter of economic significance. Financial loss due to traffic congestion was estimated to be more the 100 billion CFA francs per year.
As a result of this, the mayor of Dakar decided to make structural investments to improve urban mobility, develop the quality of life and organize the distribution of equipment.

The LACROIX City solution


Provision of a turnkey system

Four phases of the project:
- Carrying out the traffic study and collecting the necessary data.
- Installing the sign equipment for the intersections concerned.
- Commissioning of the central station, unique in sub-Saharan Africa.
- Training in the maintenance and the operation of field equipment and the central station.

Choice of innovative equipment 

The installation of the new Dakar traffic lights was the result of an extensive study, not only on the quality, but also on the aesthetics of the products to be used:

Totem traffic lights GéronimoControllers TRAFFYVideo detection> Inventers stabilizers to absorb all voltage and frequency variations.
> Central Station's CITE; licensed for exclusive use in the framework of the Dakar project, enabling the technical management of connected devices as well as monitoring technical alarms and full maintenance monitoring of the equipment.
> 3G communications

Sonatel has developed, for the Senegal capital, a solution based on technology known as machine to machine (M2M), which enables communication of information using the 3G network, between the central station and the traffic light controllers in the town.

The benefits

Decongestion of zones highly susceptible to recurrent traffic jams.
Evidence of changes in road user behavior in the town
Respect for public investment