Car Park Management Guidance - Nantes

Work undertaken for: Nantes Metropolis

Key dates
Start of the work: April 2007
Completion of the first part of the work: July 2074

The challenge

To better inform road users of car park possibilities in order to smooth the traffic in the town center of Nantes.

The LACROIX City solution


Equipment / supply of material:

• The first set of 101 car park guidance signs distributed over 37 masts. Addition of the PK control module to the MMI of the existing management system. SPHINX collects and processes data from 14 car parks and displays information in real time on the signs.

• 2nd set of 20  car park guidance signs  on  37 masts.

•  3rd set, up to today: 23 car park guidance signs on 9 masts, making in total: 144 car par k guidance signs on 57 masts.

Dynamic car Park management guidance


Réalisation de massif et Installation du matériel sur site

- Réalisation du génie civil à la charge du client sur la base de nos spécifications
- Prestations d'assemblage et pose des ensembles sur site par un partenaire local.


- Calling on the services of our customer service and of a local provider who has been trained on our products.

The benefits

A project completed on time to be put into operation in August 2007.

Introduction of a system using the existing copper wire transmission network of the

signalized intersections of the town, thus limiting implementation costs.