Tramway priority: Traffic Light – Casablanca

Work carried out for: Contracting Authority; Casa-Tramway
Project Manager/Systra France, Systra Morocco and CID

Key dates
Study and deployment: from the end of April 2011 until the end of October 2013

The challenge

To raise Casablanca into the ranks of the world's greatest cities, to turn it into a metropolis, firstly to offer an improved quality of life for its citizens and secondly to become a magnet for international investors to rebuild the town as a destination of reference for those wishing to discover the dimensions of civilization, culture and architecture. A vast development plan was decided. Technical studies showed that in 2004, public transport represented 13% of urban traffic movement in Greater Casablanca. These studies also showed that in the absence of a real improvement policy in the sector, this trend was expected to continue with public transport use decreasing to 11% by 2019.

In this context, particular attention is now being placed on public transport by programming a network of mass transportation, ultimately with four tram lines. The proposed measures and actions aim to reverses this trend, raising public transport use to 21%, while making environmentally friendly solutions the priority, the tram being 15 times less polluting than the car.

It is in this context, that the decision was taken for the construction, in the short term  (2009 – 2012) of a initial 30k tram line connecting the main parts of the town; an investment amounting to 6.4 billion dirham.

The LACROIX City solution

In association with trusted partners (AIC, Morocco Signal, Gertrude SAEM),LACROIX City participated in setting up a comprehensive solution for the traffic light part of the tramway project.

Equipment/Supply of material:

Alumix range Pedestrian signs R25 and R12 Traffy controllers Approach detection loop

Intersection controllers ,under the WinTraffy operating system, which control the traffic signals using  approach detection loops and SAE to coordinate tram arrival information.

Installation of equipment on site and programming

The equipment was installed by our local partners. This was then followed by the programming of the controllers and the tramway priority.

Provision of equipment

LACROIX City supplied 300 Variance® planimeters (2m²) for communication and advertising on the network. In addition to the tramway traffic sign equipment, the display products installed allowed LACROIX City to respond to its client with a complete and customized offer.