Dynamic assignment of motorway lanes: ASF A89 Balbigny

Work carried out for:
Project Manager: EGIS and SETEC

Key dates
Start of work: January 2012
Work completed: January 2013

The challenge

Mountainous area with many sequences of tunnel and viaduct. High expectations changing evolving norms following the accident in one of the Mont-Blanc tunnels.

- Very high density of road structures art and a lot of local activity.
- Traffic overload on the existing road (A72 – Saint – Etienne / Lyon) passing through urban areas.
- Alternative to the existing network – mountainous
- To find an alternative route arriving on the northern area of Lyon (a plan exists for arrival to the south).

The LACROIX City solution


Equipment/Supply of material:

Predefined Traffic signs x46 15 lanes assignments signs gantries, some of which are equipped for both directions Structures  x28 Data controler center x42

Construction of concrete base and installation of material on site

Drawing on the expertise of our subcontractors.


Calling on the services of our Customer Service.

The benefits

A project completed in time for opening in early January 2013 despite the possibility of unpredictable delays in the structural work due to the large amount of equipment over a very short distance.

> 26 gantries on 16 kilometers of road.