Widening of the A9, Autoroutes du Sud de la France

Widening of the A9, Autoroutes du Sud de la France

Project carried out for Autoroutes du Sud de la France

Key dates

Project carried out between June 2012 and August 2013

The challenge

Commissioned in 1976, the A9 motorway plays a major role for tourism and economic development of the Languedoc-Roussillon region and Catalonia. To cope with increasingly dense traffic on this route, with in particular more than 30% HGV traffic and very difficult traffic conditions in the summer, the project for widening the A9 from 2x2 to 2 x 3 lanes was declared to be in the public interest by the State in 2009.

The widening of the A9 between Perpignan and Spain is a major operation whose first section (Perpignan north - Perpignan south) was completed in summer 2013.

The LACROIX City solution

For this motorway project, LACROIX City provided its expertise and know-how in its core business area: vertical road signs.

Structures for large size signs and marking

6 Gantries, 6 Cantilevers and 5 High Poles were supplied to equip 2 interchanges and 20 km of lanes in both directions.

Directional signs

- Blade signs
- Directional signs (position signs)
- Directional signs (Dx3® range)

Police traffic signs

Police traffic signs, Lx3® First range

Plastic bollards

Marking plates were supplied:
-    Structure marking plates
-    Basin marking plates
-    Kilometric marking plates