Directional signs for the CDG airport,Aéroports de Paris

Project carried out for Aéroports De Paris

Key dates:

- Call for tenders: Nov. 2009

- About one year design and engineering between 2010 and 2011

- 10 months work from late October 2011 to summer 2012

The challenge

Faced with the need to improve access conditions for travellers to the airport, information and also to retrofit its directional signs, Aéroports de Paris has begun replacing all its road sign in 2010.

The goals were to help users find their way to the terminals, improve convenience and ensure smooth traffic from the highway into the airport thanks to better visual recognition and signage placement.

To comply with the colour code already used throughout the French road network, ADP wanted to use blue for motorways, white for other indications and green for terminals, with new typography and new symbols.

This work was carried out after all the signage in the terminals was upgraded.

The LACROIX City solution

Replacement of all the signs and structural equipment (Gantries, cantilevers, high poles)

After being awarded the contract, LACROIX City supplied:
- 60 new structures (Gantries, cantilevers, high pole),
- Changed blade signs on 40 existing structures,
- Supply and installation of 1600 m2 of signs for category SD3 directional signs
- Supply and installation of 1000 signs (Dx3® range) and 460 poles for category SD2 directional signs
- temporary sign and effective marking to make all the worksites safe.

Installing signs for hotels and car parks

Following this contract, ADP engaged LACROIX City to produce 2 new contracts for hotel signs and real time displays of available parking spaces ahead of the car parks:
- hotel signage using totems 2300 x 6000  mm.
- car park entry signage using parking management and guidance totems 2800 x 6000 mm, specially designed for the occasion.

The benefits

At10 months of work (during which there were no accidents) carried out at night to limit interference with vehicle traffic, the 1600 new signs provide optimum visibility and legibility to motorists.  Today the traffic flows much more smoothly, according to motorists and taxi drivers who regularly use these roads.