Heavy goods vehicle ecotax

Client: The French State

Date: October 2011 to October 2013

The challenge

Approximately 800,000 Heavy Goods Vehicles (2/3 of which are French vehicles) use the national highways, which represent 12,000 km of national roads and 3,000 km of departmental roads. They cause numerous inconveniences:

- Damage to the road system: one HGV passing on the road is the equivalent of 1000 cars.

- Congestion,

- Increased pollution.

Given all this, the Grenelle Environment Forum voted to set up a kilometric road levy for HGVs over 3.5 tonnes using the public national road system (belonging to the State).

The practicalities of the project:

The State decided to equip HGVs with badges and to install control gantries equipped with various data collection and analysis tools.

The LACROIX City solution


Equip roads with control gantries

In two years, LACROIX City has equipped French public roads with 140 gantries.This involved:

The design, manufacture and installation of 100% aluminium gantries, certified NF (French Standard).

The creation of support blocks.

The installation of safety devices: guardrails.

Designs facilitating the accessibility and maintenance of the structures: nearby car park, ladder, walkway, pedestrian path.

Civil engineering works and electrical connection for equipping gantries with GPS, lasers, cameras and high frequency communication beacons for data processing.

The benefits

- Road users pay for the damage they cause,

- Incentive to use rail freight, and thus decrease the HGV environmental footprint.