To divert traffic to avoid further accidents: Escota

Work carried out for:

Study and deployment: from September 2004 to December 2012

The challenge

To flag an accident or vehicle breakdown on the highway.
- To avoid any further accident and divert traffic around the accident scene.
- To protect patrol staff securing the accident zone by setting up roadwork safety measures and equipment.
- To facilitate and secure the installation of roadwork safety equipment on winding zones of a motorway during safety interventions or roadwork.
- To divert traffic to permit the closure of a tunnel in case of an accident inside it and avoid the risks of the trap effect in the vicinity of the accident.

These issues led to the introduction of automatic systems for neutralizing the highway, controlled by ESCOTA Operation Aid System.

The LACROIX City solution


First Step

Setting up 4 pairs of signs, displaying at the request of the Operation Aid System, traffic signals compliant with the worksite manual for the installation of roadwork safety equipment.

The pair consists of a Normal Range sign in median strip and a Large Range sign in emergency lane, thus allowing the respect of motorway signage regulations
- Design, manufacture and installation of the signs

Second step

Placement of 4 barriers of progressive size, going from 1.40m to 3.80m thus establishing the means of closing the motorway.
- The barriers are mounted on mechanisms installed on the new jersey which are remotely controlled by the SAE.
- The barriers are fitted at the end of a K8 panel reinforced by 4 red listels,
- Implementation of flash, diameter 120mm on the K8 signs, with scrolling function for conformity with motorway safety equipment regulations.
- Design, conform with French standard verification for the crash and wind tunnel tests for the manufacture and installation of barrier mechanisms

Third step

Implementation of an automatic management system for the entire BRA site, managing the control, and checking equipment status.
- Checking and comparing the status of different equipments, thus permitting the establishment of security, in particular for the neutralization and the freeing of the highway:
- Check that the signaling is operating correctly before deploying the barriers
- Check the closure of the barriers before switching off the signals
- The various safety measures are configurable using the matrix showing the state of different items of equipment.
- Design, manufacture and installation of the automatic control system

Fourth step

Setting up 22 sites across the entire A8 and A50 motorway network.

The benefits

Ease of intervention for patrol teams in critical zones.

Less risk of further accidents.