Equipment for the urban transport system,Grand Guéret Urban Community

Project for the Grand Guéret Urban Community, Urban Transport Perimeter.

- Notice of the call for tenders: 21/05/2013
- Award: 19/07/2013
- First delivery: July-September 2013 (65 poles and delivery of 2 shelters)
- Contract duration: 3 years

The challenge

In May 2013, the Guéret Urban Community started a consultation for the supply of bus shelters and bus stop poles, to be installed throughout its territory. Most of the bus stops are located along the three urban lines of Guéret.
The call for tenders related to equipment for the urban transport network: bus shelters, bus stop poles and all the related equipment. It required a speedy response for mandatory delivery before the start of school in September 2013. LACROIX Signalisation won the contract as best bid, and demonstrated its responsiveness by meeting the deadlines set by the client.


Each bus stop had to be equipped with timetable poles (1 for each travel direction). For bus stops co-located with other departmental networks, information relating to all the transport lines serving these stops had to be displayed.
Certain bus stops are served by a great many lines. In order to be able to display the information for each line, timetable frames are installed in the bus shelter equipping these stops.
The bus stop (shelter or pole) is a prime component of the quality of service rendered to the population. It is the first point of contact between users and the public transport service.
Accordingly, it must satisfy several objectives:
•    attract the eye of potential travellers, fit into its environment,
•    inform users about the service provided clearly and concisely, ensure easy reading especially for persons with reduced mobility,
•    not be a potential danger for users and persons with reduced mobility (sharp corners, etc.),
•    comply with all the standards and technical recommendations in force, particularly for accessibility.

For further information:

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The LACROIX City solution


A complete, coordinated and contemporary range

To fully meet the requirements, LACROIX City proposed the VARIANCE® range bus stop poles and shelters.

The client decided to opt for these products, for their stylish look which stood out from the competition. The style criteria and delivery times of the first order were important in the selection of the bid: delivery of 50 bus stop poles in July for installation in late August by the installation provider of the Grand Guéret Urban Community.

The first order for the bus stop poles was delivered on time, July 2013.

The benefits

The visibility of the bus stops is ensured, and the Guéret Urban Community plans to purchase an additional 30 to 35 Variance bus shelters by March 2015.