Transit traffic through Vallesvilles made safe

Project carried out for the Vallesvilles town (31570)

Dates: late 2012 – early 2013

The challenge

Vallesvilles is a French town located in the Haute-Garonne department in the Midi-Pyrénées region. It has some 400 inhabitants, and the D826 departmental road leading to Castres with a 90 km/h speed limit passes directly through it. The nature of the road does not encourage drivers to slow down despite the fact that they are driving through a town. Most drivers pass through the village without slowing and represent an uncontrolled hazard.

Furthermore, the town hall and school building is located directly on this dangerous road, where children, parents, residents and school buses are often present.

Making transit traffic through the village safe was crucial in the eyes of the city officials and local residents, who went to the Department to obtain the authorization to redesign the roadway to encourage slower traffic.

The LACROIX City solution

As road safety professionals for more than 65 years, LACROIX City delivered a safety solution for Vallesvilles, in particular near the school and town hall.

We created a zone limited to 30 km/h

We installed speed cushions, together with J11 bollards, warning signs and police traffic signs to create a slow traffic zone. With this design, we achieved the following:
- a safe zone for school buses, pedestrians and users in front of the town hall and school.
- slower transit traffic via traffic calming systems;
- driver awareness of the hazards via school-specific signage;
- lower accident risk: a motorist driving 30 km/h can stop much faster than a driver exceeding 50 km/h in the event of an unforeseen incident.

Motorists can now avoid accidents caused by a child running into the road, a school bus blocking the way, an elderly person crossing the road slowly or a car exiting without signalling. The school and town hall zone is now an area where drivers and pedestrians can mingle safely.

Preventive measures and awareness to combat speeding

At LACROIX City, we believe that a preventive approach is essential for long-term safety. The installation of two Métis® 1000 radar speed signs at the village entrance and exit helped make motorists aware of their actual speed.

The benefits

The town of Vallesvilles analysed driving speeds just after the installation of the two preventive radar signs: the data collected show that 80% of vehicles slow down more thanks to the radar signs.