After-sales service for permanent road signs and portable traffic signs


Available at our production sites, our After-Sales Service teams support you from the installation to the end of life of our products.




Our teams are available to:

- advise you on the operation and installation of the products,

- troubleshoot by phone when minor product breakdowns occur.


- Whether your products are under warranty or not, our teams will repair them in our workshops and return them to you as new.

- You can count on a rapid response and parts availability.

Product upgrades

- After analysing product malfunctions, our teams make proposals about potential improvements.

- Profiting from their location at the production sites, they are in direct contact with product development teams and play a key role in releasing new products.

- They also offer upgrades to your older generation products with more recent components.

For example, when you send previous generation Millénium+ lights to After Sales, our teams offer you new generation mother boards for Millénium lights including the down-counter option.


  • For your permanent road signs and portable traffic signs: +33 2 40 92 58 75 – Email :
  • For your traffic management products: +33 4 92 08 43 00