The LACROIX handbooks


Advice and tools to support you in your projectsIn addition to supplying signs and street furniture, LACROIX City has developed a series of handbooks to help you understand the regulations and put them into application.

Our handbooks

Handbook on bus stops

The bus stop handbook addresses the challenges involved in designing safe bus/coach stops. Produced in collaboration with the Orne General Council and ANATEEP. This illustrated handbook is based on current regulations.

Handbook for Mayors and Local Authorities

A compilation of recommendations and basic regulatory requirements. A "turnkey" solution illustrated with practical diagrams and visuals. This document includes new issues such as 30 kmh Zones, accessibility, road signage, addressing requirements and street furniture.

Handbook on Local Information Signs

This handbook helps you choose and install road signage that is both effective for users and compliant with the current regulations.

Handbook on Worksites

This handbook deals concretely with the issues inherent to worksites to help you choose the right equipment for your worksite configuration while taking into account personal safety and current regulations.

Handbook on Road Signs

The Road Signs handbook presents all the road signs along with their official names, including police signs, directional and temporary signs.