How to design a car park?

 The challenge

  • Manage incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Provide information about the number of spaces available
  • Assign car park spaces
  • Make pedestrians safe
  • Make the car park accessible to persons with reduced mobility

The LACROIX City solution

Indicate the direction of traffic with horizontal and vertical road signs

Mark out the flow of traffic using road paint and vertical road signs.
The Lx3® police traffic sign range combines robustness, a triple-edge finish and unlimited customizing!


Lx3® First police traffic signRoad marking

Preventing illegal parking

Add height restriction barriers to car park entrances and exits and hoop barriers on spaces to prevent illegal parking:


Viking height restriction gantries

Install electronic parking management and guidance systems

to show the real time status of spaces in the car park and enable motorists to make the best use of car parks at their disposition according to their needs.

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Divide the car park into different parking areas

Use colour-coded marking, along with an Lx3® sign at the entrance.

Establish marking and signs to protect pedestrians from traffic lanes

Make pedestrians safe by means of road marking along with bollards and barriers, for coordinated and elegant marking.

Esplanade post
Harmonie barrier

Mark out dedicated spaces for persons with reduced mobility and electric vehicles

Mark out the spaces for persons with reduced mobility (1 in 50 is recommended):
Specific road marking, wider space to accommodate wheelchairs, curb ramps for easy access, space marked with Lx3® sign…
Similarly, mark out spaces for electric vehicles (1 in 10 is recommended in urban areas), with specific road marking, an Lx3® police traffic sign and a charging station.

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