How to mark a car park?

The challenge

  • Optimize traffic movement in town centers to avoid saturation and unnecessary pollution
  • Enable motorists to make the best use of car parks at their disposition according to their needs

The LACROIX City solution


Retrieve vehicle related flow data by interfacing with existing systems at each car park:

> Gateway with the existing parking management systems
> Establish attendance data acquisition interfaces at parking lot barriers


Information transmission

We have solutions to adapt to any existing communication platform or to create one permitting the retrieval of parking information and disseminate it to variable message signs. (optic fiber, radio, 3G, private network...)


Remote Car Park Guidance Management Systems


Centralize, process and disseminate information using our SPHINX monitoring software, enabling for each parking lot:

> Retrieval and saving of counting data
> Development of statistical data on attendance
> Configuration of capacity and display strategies
> Visualization of the number of remaining places
> Dissemination of information to car park guidance management systems
> Visualization of the status of each remote car park guidance management system
> Maintenance management