How to install effective local interest signs?

 The challenge

  • Guide motorists to places of interest
  • Indicate local places of interest without endangering pedestrians or vehicles
  • Prioritize the services and facilities to be indicated
  • Make the messages uniform

The LACROIX solution

 Determine local places of interest

- Private or public facilities and local services.

- Define their levels of importance.

 Develop a signage plan and install advance warning signs and position signs

- Install Etoile® single and twin-masts to guide visitors to the place of interest.
- Respect the rules of visibility and legibility specific to signage: character height, choice of colours, level of retro-reflection, etc.


Etoile® EvolutionEtoile® Elégance

Provide a map to help visitors find their way

Set up a Service Information Relay or interactive terminal so visitors can find their way in the city.


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