How to make pedestrian crossings safe?

 The challenge

  • Channel pedestrian flows
  • Protect pedestrians
  • Warn motorists that they may encounter pedestrians
  • Reduce the speed of motorists
  • The circulation of persons with reduced mobility

The LACROIX City solution

Determine an appropriate installation site

The installation site should be near the place of interest: bus stops, schools, shops and offices.

Indicate the crosswalk

  • Advance warning signs

    - Lx3® sign indicating the approach to the pedestrian crossing, which can be lighted: Métrostar sign in hazard areas.

    - Road marking to indicate slowing is recommended.


    Métrostar sign


  • Position sign

    - A sign indicating the position of the pedestrian crossing.
    - Option of installing an autonomous lighting column, which illuminates when a vehicle or pedestrian passes.


    Lx3® police traffic signs


Accessible design

  • Around the main road marking, add special paving

    Resin or paving stones to reduce braking distances and improve the visibility of the pedestrian crossing.

  • Facilitate use by persons with reduced mobility

Include a curb ramp, tactile paving and audible signals to indicate the pedestrian crossing.


Discover our products accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Reduce the speed of motorists

Install slowing solutions such as LACROIX speed cushions, chicanes, and roundabouts.


Speed cushion

Get the pedestrian's attention

If the street is a two-way street, install a two-part crossing (or chicane for pedestrians) at the centre of the crossing to get pedestrians to look both ways on.
This is achieved with barriers and road marking.


Harmonie barrier
Esplanade barrier

You can also secure isolated pedestrian crossing and makes traffic flow smoother !

The specific pedestrian crossing adapts to pedestrian behaviour by offering smart, pre-established scenarios. This solution makes traffic flow smoother; when no pedestrian is detected the traffic is not affected.



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