How to manage the traffic at an intersection?

On an intersection presenting problems of recurring accidents, insufficient capacity related to high traffic flow or with poorly adapted geometry, it will be necessary to install traffic signs, a roundabout, or traffic lights. The choice between a roundabout or traffic lights will be the result of several criteria; essentially the space available and the observed traffic flow.



The challenge

  • Secure a high accident risk zone
  • Adapt the intersection according to its geometry or traffic flow

The LACROIX City solution


Install vertical and horizontal static sign solutions.

Erect regulatory advance warning LX3 traffic signs as well as developments on the ground:

LX3 First SignLX3 City SignRoad layout


Modify the geometry of the intersection

By creating a roundabout and / or by making physical changes to reallocate traffic lanes; islands, chicanes, etc. or by using horizontal marking.


J11/J12 bollards


Install a signalized intersection

a. Define the allocation of lanes consistent with the traffic flow into and out of the intersection.

b. Install the corresponding dynamic vertical signs.

Traffic lightsComplementary signals

c. Install a TRAFFY intersection controller capable of managing all the lines of traffic lights defined in the study.


Traffy Controller

d. Equip the intersection with appropriate vehicle flow detection systems.

Electromagnetic loop


e. Program the intersection controller using the WINTRAFFY software, in order to adjust the duration of the different states of the lights as far as possible according to the actual level of traffic.

See the information associated with the TRAFFY intersection controller