How to inform travelers when traveling by public transport?

The challenge

  • Provide dynamic information to travelers during their transit journeys
  • Optimize the flow of travelers
  • Offer information to travelers in any environment

The LACROIX City solution

A complete offer for all your display needs

LACROIX City offers a complete range of LED and TFT displays with high energy efficiency and high optical performance, ensuring the best information for travelers.


Modern design and easy maintenance

The products have been developed to optimize maintenance operations. LACROIX City passenger information displays and panels have been industrialize with simple and fast access to components to improve team operations.


Products suitable for all environments

Whether for a train station, a metro station, a bus stop or a tram stop, LACROIX City displays are designed to be installed in all environments, even the most difficult ones. Installed indoor or outdoor, our displays are designed to stand the test of time: harsh weather, UV, vandalism...