How to effectively mark an international airport?

By definition, airports handle huge flows of traffic. Cars, coaches, buses and taxis circulate, transporting travellers from the 4 corners of the world, including businessmen, holidaymakers and globetrotters.

The challenge

  • Approaching the airport, guide motorists and direct them to the different areas: terminals, car parks, hotels, etc.
  • On site, channel traffic, guide users and provide information.
  • Inside, install efficient signage.
  • Throughout the area, make the airport safe.

 The LACROIX City solution

Installing gantries, cantilevers, high poles structures

with blade signs and variable message signs for signalling the airport on motorways, informing motorists in real time, and directing them to the area they want.



Organizing flows at the airport zone entry by installing

The police traffic signs in force.

Lx3® range


Directional signs

Dx3® range


Signs like display/map panels

Road signage0100 showcase

Plastic bollards

J11 and J12 bollards


Horizontal road signs 

Discover all the LACROIX road layout solutions (inset lights, car park bollard, etc.) and road marking.

Road layout

Ensuring user safety and comfort

by installing Vigipirate litter bins or devices satisfying accessibility standards.


Installing internal signage to guide travellers