How to manage dynamic motorway lane control?


Dynamic allocation is used to prohibit or authorize on lanes or indicate a breakdown. It is mainly used:
> In tunnels or on viaducts
> On the approaches to tunnels or viaducts



The challenge

  • Prohibit traffic on a lane during road works
  • Secure a lane where there has been an accident
  • Prohibit a lane to regulate traffic
  • Close a lane to secure traffic due to weather conditions

The LACROIX City solution


Implement a speed limit a speed limit

Erecting dynamic traffic signs ahead of the breakdown (800m, 600m, 200m)


Junction Controller


Implement the assignment of lanes

Installing assignment traffic lights ahead of the breakdown (800m, 600m, and 200m) and on the section to be equipped.
These lights must be installed on gantries or mast arms (one light per lane centered on each lane).


Gantries, cantilevers, high polesLane assignment signs


Connect the assembly to a control system

The lane assignment traffic light equipment and Variable Speed Limit Sign are controlled, either by the API or GUI.