How to mark roads, motorways and expressways?

In a field of activity that is standardized and regulated, LACROIX City answers your unique needs for the design, manufacture and installation of dynamic and static road equipment.

The challenge

  • Identify and examine the needs.
  • Ensure smooth traffic flow and limit accident risks.
  • Provide information in real time, visible from afar.
  • Install sturdy, innovative structures in compliance with standards to keep people and equipment safe.

 The LACROIX City solution

Install new generation structures

LACROIX City offers a comprehensive solution from design to installation for all your road design needs. With its innovative range of gantries, cantilevers, high poles designed and manufactured in France, LACROIX City offers you efficient products compliant with the standards in force. New ground anchoring, new invisible shaft/beam connector and new beam/sign connector: LACROIX City new generation structures are economical, stylish, functional and ingenious!


VMS gantryCantilever

Offering clear information visible to motorists

• LACROIX City offers you a range of directional signs adapted to large sizes, made-to-measure. Blade signs (PAL) are optimized for installation on cantilevers, high poles and gantries.

Blade sign range

• By selecting LACROIX City motorway variable message signs (VMS), you are opting for a reliable made-to-measure solution to make interurban traffic flow smoothly. Thanks to their high performance LEDs, VMSs display information in real time on the state of highway or motorway traffic: accidents, congestion, disrupted traffic. They encourage motorists to respect the speed limits and optimize routes and travel times.

Complete your dynamic signage with the installation of lane control signals that let you easily manage reversible lanes and deviations on all structures: tolls, tunnels and bridges.


Motorway VMSLane control signals

Equipping expressways and motorways

•    LACROIX offers you a complete range of equipment to ensure the signage and marking, the comfort and safety of road users:
- Anti-glare blades, intended to protect road users from sudden light variations when vehicles pass.
- Guardrail reflectors and our entire reflector range ensure night-time visual guidance and safety of motorists alongside roads and motorways.
- impact attenuators: an essential highway signage tool for effectively marking off-ramps.


Plastic range

Making worksites safe

• Behind the signs, there are people: the safety of personnel working on lanes open to public traffic is an absolute priority.  We create worksites that are safe, day and night: with out range of temporary worksite signs and signals, bollards and other marking equipment, LACROIX proposes unique comprehensive solutions, tailored to your needs.

Discover the worksite safety solution">> Discover the worksite safety solution


Enduro triangleMillenium traffic lights