How to inform motorists on the road?


Have the ability to dynamically disseminate information on the roads and  inform motorists in real time so as to reduce the risk of further accidents while controlling the traffic.  



The challenge

  • Provide information of an accident, the weather, road works, (marking, lane changes), and rest areas closed and/or out of fuel.
  • Disseminate road safety messages (seat belt … etc.)
  • Regulate speed

The LACROIX City solution


Install broadcasting equipment with variable message signs mounted on masts, gantries or pole

> The variable message signs may be equipped with supplementary pictogram alphanumeric characters.
> The variable message signs are usually equipped with flashing lights to attract the attention of motorists.

Alphanumeric signsPredefined signs


Connect the assembly to a control system

The VMS equipment is remotely controlled through our SPHINX V proprietary software.
It uses Windows XP or Windows 7 platform and consists of several software entities communicating with the PostGresSQL database, thus simplifying its architecture and its configuration.

These different entities are related to the features they manage:
> Man Machine Interface (MMI)
> Equipment communication module
> Automatic controllers dedicated to the equipment to be managed