How to collect traffic data on a gantry?

The challenge

  • Based on statistics, determine whether there is a need for speed control equipment.
  • Install a free flow toll system.
  • Collect traffic data: times, average speed, vehicle type, etc
  • Inform motorists about the traffic conditions.

The LACROIX City solution

Install overhead equipment fitted with data collection tools

The LACROIX City range of aluminium gantries uses all the latest technologies. The average lifetime of the gantries is 20 years.
They are equipped with a catwalk for easy maintenance. Worksite personnel can easily access the gantry from the nearby car park.

Gantry range

Collect qualified data

Equip gantries with electronic solutions such as sensors and metering units to record traffic conditions and overhead toll systems to allow vehicles to flow freely and eliminate the need for a static toll station.