How to ensure safety around schools?

Safety systems are essential around schools. The presence of children (difficult to see, unpredictable behaviour, etc.) requires special precautions and the comings and goings of parents who park illegally increase safety needs.

The challenge

  • Manage the flows of different types of users at rush hours
  • Provide safe crossings and walkways for pedestrians, especially children
  • Prevent illegal parking
  • Limit the speeding near schools

The LACROIX City solution

Improve the school's visibility

  • Discover our range of Lx3® traffic signs in First or City version (housed range) of regulatory advance warning signs.



    Lx3® police traffic signs


  • Highly visible with its bright colours and tall stature, the Crayon Totem is designed especially to signal school areas.

    Ecole Totem, contact us


  • For greater visibility, consider specific road marking for schools.

    Road layout

Encourage slowing at the approach to the school area

  • Named for the goddess of prudence, the Métis® radar speed sign detects vehicles on approach and displays their speed in real time. This is the perfect way to encourage slowing and vigilance in the area.

    Métis® 1000 radar speed sign
  • Together with position and advance warning signs, speed bumps slow motorists without bothering cyclists. Choose the speed cushion!

    Speed cushion

Mark out paths for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Protect children on their way to school and at drop-off points by installing posts and barriers, specially designed and manufactured to for this purpose.

    Ecole barrier,Harmonie post



  • Separate bicycle traffic from vehicles and pedestrians by setting up dedicated cycle lanes.


    Road marking

Organizing car parking