How to reduce speeding on highways and in cities?

Speeding is one of the main causes of road deaths. Speeding less than 10 km/h over the limit are on the increase, and their impact is too often minimized in people's thinking. Motorists tend to underestimate their speed. Warning systems can reducing the risk of accident and saving lives.



The challenge

  • Adopt a preventive approach with motorists to promote compliance with speed limits.
  • Mark out areas that reduce speeding.

The LACROIX City solution

Encourage prevention

Prevention is the key to encouraging a change of behaviour. Before a speed limit change, advance warning signs give motorists time to slow down safely.


Lx3® range


Illuminated speed limit reminders enhance road safety: the Métrostar sign, with its system of LED signals, and the Métis® radar speed sign which detects vehicles on approach and displays their speed in real time. This is the perfect way to encourage slowing and vigilance in the area.

Métrostar signMétis® 1000 radar speed sign


To control speeds without issuing tickets, choose "reward" green traffic lights! The principle is simple: the lights go green if the motorist approaches at the speed limit, but stays red if the motorist is travelling above the speed limit.

Smart Green Light

Marking out zones limited to 30 km/h

Our range of Lx3® signs will meet all your vertical police traffic sign needs: entering and leaving the 30 zone, position or advance warning signs indicating a pedestrian crossing or a speed bump.


Lx3® police traffic signs

Modifying the profile of the road

By creating chicanes using J11 bollards or installing speed bumps and speed cushions, the long ribbon of highway is interrupted and users slow down.


J11 Sentinelle® bollardRoad markingSpeed cushion

Encourage speed compliance and create a pleasant traffic environment

Floral installations encourage people to share the road. By marking the entry to your city with an entrance arch, you create a visual break that helps users slow down.